Amanda Wells’ background

Amanda Wells is a self-professed prophet, life-coach, teacher, business coach and pastor. She attends Glory City Church, founded by “Prophet” Katherine Ruonala. Ruonala has this to say about Amanda Wells.

Blonde Thistle: Katherine Ruonala of Glory City Church, Australian Prophetic Council.

Blonde Thistle: Katherine Ruonala of Glory City Church, Australian Prophetic Council.

“Amanda Wells is a well-known prophetic voice in our nation and nations around the world where she ministers. After 25 years in itinerate [sic] ministry, Amanda has a proven track record of accurate prophetic words and is an active member and valued part of the Australian Prophetic Council. I believe this word she has sent through is reflecting the move of the Holy Spirit that is birthing a fresh passion for the Word of God and a desire in the hearts of people to know the Jesus of the Bible. Lord help us to grow in the knowledge of the One who is the Word, the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Reference: Katherine Ruonala & Amanda Wells on Elijah List

Amanda Wells is also involved with the self appointed prophets of the Prophetic Summit and the Elijah List network. She is also apart of the Australian Prophetic Round Table (APRT) now renamed to the Australian Prophet Council.

What is the “Australian Prophetic Council”?

Amanda Wells often advertises her other business endeavours and professions to elevate her credibility:


Red Thistle: Amanda Wells.

Amanda Wells Is a prophetic teacher and revivalist. Amanda lives in Brisbane Australia with her husband Roger. She is ordained in Glory City Church, Brisbane. After an encounter with heaven that totally transformed her, while on the operating table for transplant surgery, Amanda is passionate for every believer to encounter and engage Heaven and the supernatural and to fulfill their destiny here on earth. As an International speaker for 25 years in 63 Nations she has spoken on many platforms, has written 5 books, published through Destiny Image Publishing House and an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council. As well as ministry, she is heavily involved in the marketplace, has her own company as a business coach to businesses and entrapreneurs and also a prophetic consultant to company’s around the globe. Source:, Accessed 01/06/2015. (Emphasis ours. Bad spelling hers.)

With this information in mind, we would like to alert our readers to the fact that Amanda Wells charges for her product and services. Keep this in mind as we delve into the ministry of Amanda Wells.

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