Amanda Wells doctors “bully” prophecy for Elijah List

Church Watch Central has done an exceptional expose on the international prophetic fraud, Amanda Wells. Katherine Ruonala is her Senior Pastor at Glory City Church in Queensland, Australia. If you feel lead, please write to Glory City Church and ask them to deal with their rogue pastor.

Recently, Amanda Wells got another one of her “prophecies” on Steve Shultz’ Elijah List. The problem? “Prophet” Amanda Wells changed her prophecy thus making her “prophetic” encounter”for the Body of Christ” false.

Steve Shultz should know better than to promote Amanda Wells as a prophet at all, considering he was shamed as a false prophet for not knowing of her theft of other people’s work in our “Elijah List Guess Who? Challenge: Culprit in the Pulpit”.

Wells_AmandaAmanda Wells: Culprit in the Pulpit winner for plagiarising countless people’s work for material gain.

Her unedited FaceBook prophecy had God reveal to her through word of knowledge who ChurchWatcher supposedly was. A few days later, she claimed that she saw in her prophetic encounter, a policeman standing with the person, ChurchWatcher. In her retelling of the prophecy on Elijah List, she failed to provide the context of this prophecy in connection with the word of…

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