Written Plagiarism – Exhibit 07: Still plagiarising after public shaming

Despite being exposed as a plagiarist Amanda Wells continues to deceive the public.




Last year, we exposed Prophet and Pastrix of Glory City Church Amanda Wells of her theft and plagiarism in our “Elijah List Guess Who? Challenge: Culprit in the Pulpit” game. You’d think after she was exposed and humiliated while speaking at the Australian Prophetic Summit, she would have stopped her plagiarism right?


Wells_Amanda Amanda Wells: Culprit in the Pulpit winner for plagiarising countless people’s work for material gain.

Last year, we created this image to help people figure out when Amanda Wells is plagiarizing or not. It still rings true to this day.

Its Plagiarised

Recently, someone contacted us about Amanda Wells, wanting to know if we thought she may have read our latest article on her (where she attempted to expose us prophetically). They asked us because of her recent post she made on her FaceBook business page.

We read her latest comment on her business page. And no joke, this was a churchwatcher’s response:

“It doesn’t sound like her!…

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