Amanda Wells encourages people to rewrite their past?

On April 2015, Amanda Wells blatantly claims on her Facebook page that it is acceptable to “change the narrative” of one’s story.

Well’s published this:

“If you don’t see yourself as valuable then no one else will.  Change the narrative of your story, you write your story, make it awesome, make it exciting and make it positive…… you hold the pen to your life, so you hold the power to write your own story!!!!”

2015-04-28 - WRITE YOUR OWN STORY - copied 6.35 am 29th April 2015

Certain contradictions in Wells’ posts and videos have been evident for some time.

Has Wells  fabricated her own biography and/or the stories and anecdotes from her own life which she uses to boost her own “Coaching” business?  Should a Christian, in fact,  be “”changing the narrative” of their life story?  Isn’t that a flowery way of saying “Lie”? So, according to Wells if your true story is not exciting enough then make one up that is more exciting!  This may certainly be the explanation for some of the inconsistencies in Amanda Wells’ own “narrative” over the years.

It is also disturbing that the people who responded to this comment are affirming her statement be asking themselves why they think it is acceptable to be encouraged to lie. Why do they think this is acceptable advice from a Christian Pastrix? And why are they so easily accepting to do such a thing?

Before Jesus was taken up to heaven, he called all his followers to be “witnesses” to Him, His Work and His Word. It’s not the type of witness summoned to give evidence in a court of law. A Christian is called to be an honest and faithful witness to Christ and His teachings by living honest, transparent lives according to God’s Word. Our testimonies testify to our sinful lives but also God’s grace. People wont like our testimony. They are confronting. They are raw and uncomfortable. Yet here we have self-proclaimed Prophet Amanda Wells encouraging people to rewrite their lives simply so they and others can see themselves as “valuable”.

Jesus has a term for false prophets who bare false witness. He calls them Lawless Ones in Matthew 7. And interestingly enough, they seem think they are in control of their sensational narrative before Christ Himself on judgment day. However, Jesus did not think this made them “valuable”. He simply rebuked them and sent them to hell. Amanda Wells may think she has “the power to write her own story” now but she is clearly not considering how Jesus sees her work of fiction. Amanda Wells’ life story might be a best-seller but Jesus aint buyin’ it!

In fact this practice of making life events seem more exciting can  drift into the area of pathological lying. Note the highlighted red sections of this article by author, Karen Frazier


Signs of Pathological Lying
By Karen Frazier

Understanding the signs of pathological lying will help you identify if someone you know is suffering from this type of lying disorder. Pathological liars are addicted to lying, and this type of regular deception is often associated with another mental illness. Using a list of common signs can help you identify someone with a real lying addiction.

Therapist Mark Tyrell, founder of Uncommon Solutions, suggests some people who lie pathologically do so to seek attention. Individuals who want to have center stage wherever they are may have to make up stories to capture people’s interest. These types of people crave an audience and get a high off it, and this leads them to lie more. Therefore, if you see someone constantly engaging in attention-seeking behaviors, he or she may also be lying to support this need.

Stories Are Impossible to Believe
The Psychiatric Times states compulsive liars will often tell unbelievable stories, and the lies they contain may seem absolutely pointless. In fact, a compulsive liar may even tell lies that are self-incriminating. While almost everyone exaggerates stories sometimes, a pathological liar does it much of the time. If you find yourself with your jaw falling open every time someone tells you a story, it’s probably because it’s not true. If this happens regularly, the person may be a pathological liar.

Lies Make the Person or Situation Look Better
A pathological liar may never admit that life is difficult. Instead, he or she will either only discuss the happy times or make up stories to replace unfortunate events. According to therapist Mark Tyrell, this form of self-aggrandizement is quite common among people with compulsive lying issues. If you notice that someone is constantly telling stories that make their life look better or more exciting than it actually is, this may be a sign that the person is a pathological liar.

Lies Show the Individual as a Constant Victim
On the other hand, as stated in Psychiatric Times, pathological liars may also always paint themselves in the light of victimhood in order to gain attention. Someone who is always suffering from a different illness or constantly a victim either has bad luck or is a pathological liar. Just as some pathological liars will lie about the good in their life, some will make up bad things that happen to them for the attention.”

In view of this statement by Wells it would appear that now it has come time to discover the actual “narrative” of this self-proclaimed prophetess.  We will attempt over time to interview people from her past and see just how much of her “narrative” she has changed in order to “…….make it awesome, make it exciting….”

Blonde Thistle: Katherine Ruonala of Glory City Church, Australian Prophetic Council.

Does Px Ruonala know Amanda Wells makes up her life “story”?

This is hardly the sort of advice someone acting under the title of “Pastor” should be giving. What does the Bible say about such practices?

Collossians 3:9-10 : “Do not lie to one other, seeing that you have put off your old self with its practices, and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator”.

Proverbs 14:5: “A faithful witness does not lie, but a false witness breathes out lies”

Revelation 21:8  “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, idolators and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulphur which is the second death.”

2 Thessalonians 2: 3-9: “Let no man deceive you by any means …..”

It seems only fair to ask the obvious question.  Is this practice of embellishing a story to make it appear more “exciting” and “awesome” one which the self-proclaimed prophetess who has already been exposed for plagiarisng other people’s material one which she utilises when delivering her “prophecies” also? (N.B. to claim another’s work as one’s own is a form of lying).

Surely the people who claimed they “liked” this comment by Wells’s and those who in fact, applauded it, should be ashamed.

It is perhaps time to look into some of Well’s claims about her life a little more closely. If you know Amanda Wells or have been a victim of her theft and abuse, please email

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