Oral Plagiarism – Exhibit 06: “How To Stay Focussed and Not Give Up In Transition” (from Lance Wallnau)

On 13/08/2016 Amanda Wells plagerizes material from Lance Wallnau – 20/07/2016

Below is another work that has been plagiarized SINCE Wells was exposed in 2015 as being the “Culprit in the Pulpit” by churchwatch central. It is difficult to comprehend why others such as “HIM Apostle” Katherine Ruonala, the Australian Prophetic Council and the Elijah List would be condoning and encouraging Wells’ ministry.

See Ruonala bring Wells to the platformAustralian Prophetic Council

In this exhibit, you will read Article 1 and Article 2.

Article 1 will be an article Amanda Wells has published as her own on Amanda Wells Coaching/Amanda Wells Ministries.

Article 2 will be the original article from which she plagiarised. The parts she plagiarised will be highlighted in red.

Weeding Out Amanda Wells logo

Article 1

Amanda Wells posts a video on her FaceBook ‘Amanda Wells Coaching‘ account,

” How To Stay Focussed and Not Give Up In Transition”:


Watch the video and read Article 2 below. Lance Wallnau also has a video with similar material on the same post.

Source: Amanda Wells Coaching, https://www.facebook.com/amanda.wells.5891/videos/vb.100003310719842/1008742412579440/?type=2&theater,  Published 13/08/2016 (Accessed 22/08/2016.)

Article 2

(Red notes material that was plagiarized by Wells from this work)

Lance Wallnau wrote:  (and also see Lance’s video)


3 Questions To Ask During Transition

One of the challenges of transition is understanding how to exit one phase or stage of life and enter the next one. Jesus was tested in the wilderness while going into His ministry and tested even more in Gethsemane when transitioning out.

You are the most vulnerable during strategic times of transition.

There are 3 powerfully clarifying questions we’ve learned to use in times of transition:

  1. WHO will I need to BE NOW, that I’ve never been before?”

And the next key question:

  1. WHAT will I need to DO NOW that I’ve never done before?”

Which leads to the ultimate question: In light of who I need to be and what I need to do…

  1. “WHO will God be for me now that He has never been before? What aspect(s) of God do I need to draw upon?”

Now, what does this mean?

  1. You must tap into parts of yourself never previously developed. The moment you enter into a real transition, one in which the phase of your life is going to shift, you’ll really have to show up in a whole new way.  This means tapping into everything you’ve ever learned and everything you’ve ever done. You’re exercising new muscles, new awareness; you’re exploring new space.  It’s the extension of your authentic self. It’s your heavenly identity at a whole new level.  It’s a place you’ve never been before. Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable.
  2. You will face opposition from spiritual forces. When you begin to step into your season of transition, the spiritual world will try to lock you up in the old pattern.  This is like the children of Israel trying to cross over into the Promised Land.  There was a very real demarcation between where they were and where they were going. Only after they made the shift would a new beginning unfold. What was it that inhibited that transition? It was the old habits that didn’t die in the wilderness! What was waiting for them? A land of prophetic promises; their Promised Land.

How does the devil attempt to hold you back from transition? He does this by imposing outside resistance from some source aligned with his evil intent. This could be political, legal, or even occultic. But this is not an easy option for the devil and requires a lot of resources. Satan would much rather have you self-disqualify.  He will aim his arrows at you personally. He will bring up your history, your old patterns, old fears, and old iniquities.  Sometimes the very people you need to avoid start crossing your path.

Jesus warned His disciples to “watch.This word involves watching what is coming up in you as well as what is developing in the environment around you. He is sympathetic to your battle, which is why He told His disciples to pray because “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” (Matthew 26:41).

This could be translated as “Your spirit man wants to do the right thing but your emotions and your untrained senses will overpower your spirit. Your natural man is weak. Fail to pray and you’ll be frightened and intimidated and will want to run.”

Friends, let nothing keep you back from your transition!Watch” what’s coming up in you and watch what’s going on around you!

Question: Are you entering into a new season?  What are some tactics that the devil is using to block you from your Promised Land?  What words of the Lord are you standing on for victory? Perhaps you were previously unaware, but now your eyes are open to the importance of being on your “watch.”  Comment below!

As One!


Reference: Written by Lance Wallnau on “HOW TO KEEP FROM SABOTAGING YOUR OWN TRANSITION” , http://lancewallnau.com/2016/07/how-to-keep-from-sabotaging-your-own-transition/, Published 20 July 2016. (Accessed 22/08/2016)

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