Exhibit #1

Posted on Facebook on 2nd August 2012:


“Is too much pressure put on young people when competing at the Olympics?? I grew up as a small child around the Dawn Fraser’s and Lorraine Crapp, as my older sister trained with them ,my aunt competed in the Melbourne Olympics, to hear them then it was just an honour to go, to do your best and compete, Gold was awesome and so was Bronze, but the pressure was not as great. For Shane Gould it started to change ………………”

For the record: I, Wells older sister, never trained with Dawn Fraser OR Lorraine Crapp! Wells claiming to have grown up around them due to my training is nothing other than a blatant LIE. This is very easy for the discerning “follower” to check out. I trained at a different pool to Dawn Fraser, under a different coach, am considerably younger than Fraser and furthermore, have never met Dawn Fraser in my life.

As for Olympian, Lorraine Crapp ……. when I first took swimming lessons as a young child I learned from the renowned Australian coach Frank Guthrie. At that time Mr. Guthrie coached Lorraine Crapp and several other Olympians. On several occasions at the end of my lesson, Mr. Guthrie used to ask some of his older swimmers (Lorraine being one of them) to take me up to the deep end of the pool so I could practice in and get accustomed to the deep water (18ft).. It would have been somewhat difficult for Wells to have heard any conversation from Lorraine Crapp about her Olympic experience as WELLS WASN’T EVEN BORN WHEN THIS OCCURRED. To drag other people into her fantasies and to use other’s life experiences to embellish her stories is despicable.

Incidentally, through my actual swimming career which spanned many years I never once heard ANY Olympian chatting around the pool about their Olympic experiences, so what conversations Wells imagines she heard as a very young child while not even involved in this sport can be nothing more than an invention of her fertile imagination.

When the Olympics rolled around four years later Wells once again used my swimming career to embellish her post.

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