Exhibit #2

Posted on Facebook on 3rd August 2016


“Having a sister who trained for the 1968 Mexico Olympics and an Aunty who ran in the ‘56 Melbourne Olympics the track and field and swimming events have always been special to this year I am not sure I will even watch, somehow the Olympics have lost their gloss a bit!”


In line with Well’s usual behaviour of aligning herself with notable events and people in order to draw attention to herself and connect herself with achievements of others, each Olympic Games  gives rise to yet more false stories.  Firstly, Wells has once again dragged her sister into her claim and attached me, an unwilling participant in her fantasies, to one of her bogus declarations.  Wells went on further to claim she could swim “better than the average person but not fast enough for world standard” which would intimate that she had been involved in the sport competitively in order to use a rating of “world standard”. Unfortunately she had no interest in swimming whatsoever, swam no better than the “average person” and refused all offers by our parents to get her involved in competing or training for the sport. But the comments made by Wells following the post reveal a more shameful LIE and disgraceful attempt to deceive.  

LIE. Contrary to this claim, we do NOT have an aunt who “ran in the 56 Olympics”!  This deception shows just how far Wells is prepared to go with fraudulent behaviour even to the point of making a mockery of her personal followers who, no doubt with the very best of intentions, have shown a sincere interest in her personal life.

Note that one, Clay Wilson, has commented “WOW”.  He was impressed with Wells’ claim no doubt, as is evident from his posts, due to his own obvious interest in athletics.

Wells, with complete disregard for this gentleman’s interest in her and lack of empathy for him, has chosen to extend the LIE even further in order to impress, and has engaged in an exchange with him as she led him further into her disgraceful and intentional deception.   

Watch carefully how this unfolds in the comment section beneath Amanda Wells’ post:

Mr. Clay Wilson, clearly impressed with Well’s claims, posts a comment:
“an athletic family …. Wow”

Then without ANY reason to continue to lie or embellish her story it is crucial to note Wells’ inability to rein in her desire for attention, as she goes on to state the name of the person in whose reflected glory she is wishing to bathe.  She states that her “aunts name was Shirley S……….” as without any coaxing or prompting to do so Wells adds:
“ha ha …. Yep my aunties name was Shirley S…. ha ha”

We have no Aunt named Shirley!

We have a cousin named Shirley (daughter of my father’s older sister)…. however, for someone who continually claims during her public appearances to “have done her family tree” it would seem like a somewhat strange error for Wells to confuse an aunt and a 1st cousin.

BUT NOTE that Wells duplicitously only gives the first initial of the second name leaving other’s to fill in the blanks.! The motive was obvious, a lie of omission, and will become clear as the conversation unfolds!

Mr. Wilson was clearly impressed and, as would most Australians, took the bait!  He, as no doubt many others did also, wrongfully was tricked into believing Wells was referring to the great Australian track star, Shirley Strickland.  LIE. Wells is NOT related to Shirley Strickland.  

Mr. Wilson continues:

Yes I’ve heard of her…. a sprint star…..”

Wells responds:

Mr. Wilson continues:
“……….. your Auntie happened to run against the likes of Cuthbert and others who were famous in that time”

Wells, still unwilling to come clean about her intentional deception or even ignore the matter and allow the lie to pass without further notice, further then extends her deception and agrees with a comment by Mr. Wilson that her aunt “ran against the likes of Cuthbert and others who were famous at the time”, and audaciously and deceptively adds “yes she did she was amazing”.  .


“yes she did she was amazing”. (note: as written with lack of punctuation and capitals in Wells, original post).

 Wells’ willingness to make a mockery of Mr. Wilson’s interest by engaging him in a written conversation which cunningly dupes him and others into being impressed with yet another attempt by Wells to connect herself to somebody “famous” is shameful to the outmost degree.  Has Wells fed her own children and family members this lie over the years? One can only wonder.  Given that these lies are told on social media which are for public viewing it is to be hoped that her family may not be aware this is a lie as there has clearly been no attempt by anyone to insist she come clean about this claim and apologise to Mr. Wilson and others she has hoodwinked over this issue.

By the now the LIE has become exceedingly complicated, so in the interest of setting the facts straight…..

Our COUSIN who competed in the Melbourne Olympics competed as Shirley COTTON.  Her maiden name was “Smith” so the providing of only the first letter of her second name was an obvious doubly duplicitous attempt to portray her as the great Shirley Strickland – which proved to be the deceptive  result which Wells ultimately achieved.

Shirley Cotton (our COUSIN) was NOT a track star but a DISCUS thrower and that is the event in which she competed in the Melbourne Olympics. Note this courtesy of Fairfax Media. Our COUSIN, Shirley COTTON is on the right….. a discus thrower.


Both athletes, Strickland and Cotton, retired not long after the 1956 Olympics.  Wells never witnessed either compete as Strickland was born in 1925, Cotton in 1934 and Wells in 1955.  Wells was ONE YEAR OLD when the 1956 Olympics took place.  Since our cousin was a discus thrower and NOT a sprint competitor one wonders just what it is that Wells bases her observation as her being “amazing” in the context of her competing as a sprinter. Strickland on the other hand may have indeed been “amazing” in her track career however she is not related to us in any way.

Shirley Cotton was an accomplished discus thrower and her Olympic record is as follows:

Shirley Cotton

Year Born





Discus Throw – Women

Olympic Results

1956 Melbourne

Discus Throw – Women



Final Placing 17 / 22

The constant aligning of herself with other’s achievements is a hallmark of pathological lying and a deeply ingrained behaviour of Amanda Wells.  It can only be hoped that her own children are not being fed these fabricated stories about their extended family.


One thought on “Exhibit #2

  1. Just an observation… Amanda said ““Having a sister who trained for the 1968 Mexico Olympics and an Aunty who ran in the ‘56 Melbourne Olympics the track and field and swimming events”.
    Since when are Olympians so talented they can compete in both swimming and track? It is just highly unlikely.


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