Exhibit #3

Posted on Facebook and also Tweeted on 22 December 2015



“Ha ha here is my cousin….. Judy Stone…………. mmmmm I will say no more, not seen her though since I was 13.”

Judy Stone is an Australian female singer who enjoyed considerable celebrity status in the 1960’s. Judy Stone is NOT our cousin and is NOT related to us in any way whatsoever.

In my work as Travel Agent in 1966 I was asked to arrange Ms. Stone’s honeymoon reservations. Other than that we have no connection whatsoever to her and most certainly are not related. NO member of our family was invited to her wedding!

Once again Wells has scammed Mr. Clay Wilson, clearly an admiring follower, and responded to his questions asked in good faith by making a false claim and dragging him into her fantasy.

Additional to that, and not satisfied to just embellish her lie, she has further gone on to malign Judy Stone by claiming Judy Stone was “a tad rude”. Wells was not a guest at this wedding, did not meet Judy Stone and certainly did not meet Johnny O’Keefe (another iconic pop singer of the era).

Further Wells claims to have been 13 at the time of the wedding when in fact she was 11 years of age in the year Judy Stone married showing she has not even taken care to check her facts. Anyone could check these facts for themselves.

This story is enough to cause serious concern to any right-minded person.

I was alerted to this claim After Wells had been called out as the Culprit in the Pulpit on a church discernment site. To publish such an audacious and deceitful LIE so soon AFTER being exposed by others for her deceitful dealings shows the contempt in which she holds those who call her out for her dishonesty.

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