Exhibit #4

Posted on Amanda Wells Coaching Facebook page 13 February 2013


Amanda Wells writes:
“My grandmother on my dads side had 12 kids and she had no money no help or relief, her husband was an alcoholic. She struggled through the Great Depression. 

She kept going because she had no option she didn’t have the luxury of being tired or weary. 

Often weariness is a learned behaviour because we see and hear it daily. 

For most people on the planet weary isn’t an option it’s a luxury they just can’t afford. 

Maybe it’s time to give up that luxury in 2016. #giveuptheluxury #amandawellscoaching”

Kerri writes:
LIE.  Our grandmother on our father’s side did NOT have 12 children.  She had 7 children, all of whom survived into adulthood (and NO still births which could even be added to achieve the number Wells claims).

LIE.  Our grandfather was NOT an alcoholic and it is grossly shameful to change someone’s life story when they are no longer here to defend themselves against such malicious allegations.  Our grandfather died in 1929 from a form of pneumonia which was no doubt community acquired.  There is NO evidence of any sort that he was an alcoholic and such an accusation is scurrilous.  It seems that not only the living but those who have passed away are a target for Wells’ fantasies which she concocts in order to relate stories which she uses in an attempt to can gain attention on social media and in her public appearances.

{And once again this also puts lie to Wells’ constant claim that she has “done her Family Tree”, a statement she often makes in order to set up her audience to believe a false story.}

Our paternal grandmother died in 1958 when Wells was only three years of age so she would have no memory of her grandmother nor have ever spoken to her about her grandfather.  Our father certainly never made such a claim because it there is no truth to it. This is only one of a plethora of false claims that Wells has made about her Ancestors publicly over the years.


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