Exhibit #5

Posted on Facebook 19 May 2014


Amanda Wells writes:
My grandmother was a tough old bird, she married in 1923 and 2 months later her hubby did a runner and she was 6 weeks pregnant. She raised my mum post WW1 and through the Great Depression she worked hard all her life even up until she got to bad with Alzheimer’s she went on a couple of cruises later on in life but remained single. No welfare, no help just hard work. I never heard her complain ever. Christmas there was fun as she put money away all year to buy food. We always gave her what we wanted as we knew next year we’d get it back as a gift. My dad raised through the Great Depression did it tough, but I never heard him complain, he worked 2 jobs, when he could and it was later when he died I found out how hard life was. I grew up with a work ethic, you get a job, clean if necessary and you realise your tax pays to keep the country afloat. You get out of debt because debt kills you or the next generation. My kids grew up with same ethos. They started work at 15, paid for uni

themselves and never unemployed. Work was work and they know you pay tax, you have children if you can afford it and you stay out of debt. We didn’t get payouts for children, we refused the $900 stimulus because I said someone will have to pay it back, Hannah also refused it. I had amazing principles taught to me through men and women who did it a lot tougher than it is today and I am glad I was able to instil those into my kids.

Kerri writes:
Our grandmother married in 1921 and NOT 1923 (a rather significant error for someone who continually claims to have “done her family Tree”). Our mother was NOT born out of wedlock as is inferred by this erroneous date and in fact was born approximately a year and 8 months after our grandparent’s marriage. Her husband (our maternal grandfather) did NOT “do a runner” when our grandmother was 6 weeks pregnant! Such claims are a disgraceful LIE and bring hurt to many people including our grandfather’s second family. The TRUE history of the family is all documented if only Wells would avail herself of the documents instead of creating a fantasy story for her own spurious reasons.

Our grandmother never had Alzheimers – again, medical records disprove this utter nonsense. Our grandmother went on cruises and holidays NOT later in her life but in fact during most of her life. She enjoyed travel and did so quite often. Our grandmother did not live a “single life” but had a close male “friend” with whom she co-habitated for over 40 years! Saying she remained “single” is a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts. The story of our Grandmother “putting away money all year to buy food” for Christmas is a total nonsense as she made no more special budgeting arrangements than did any other person in preparation for Christmas. Christmas lunch was most often held in our own home but when we did eat at our grandmother’s residence, a family-run boarding house, it was a huge event with many extended family and friends and quite a lavish affair. Constant inferences suggesting that Wells knew or was surrounded by any sort of poverty when she was growing up are mischievous and misleading. My siblings and I lived a very privileged life compared to most other families we knew.

Wells claim that that “we always gave my grandmother what we wanted because we knew we’d get it back as gift” is a most despicable LIE and an insult to a woman who was noted for her generosity. I was particularly close to my grandmother as we were growing up and never knew her to re-gift anything in her life. To suggest she did so is not only false but insulting to our grandmother’s memory. Regrettably it must be said that Wells’ in fact was not renowned for being attentive in the area of gift-giving so for her to claim that she gave things that were re-gifted to her is just a hypocritical bit of nonsense designed, as with many other claims, to get attention. The truth is in fact, that our grandmother gave most generous gifts and put a great deal of thought into everything she gave. I feel duty bound to defend those who are now deceased and unable to defend themselves against such unwarranted malice.

As for Wells claims regarding her work ethic, perhaps she might be considerate enough to post her work record or resume publicly given that such information is missing from all her biographies and claims. A self proclaimed Business Coach would surely want those records to be made public.



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