Oral Plagiarism – Exhibit 09: Wells asks you what you are using the D’s and I’s?

On 15/01/2013 Amanda Wells plagerizes material from discusonline.com – 2001

The false prophet, Amanda Wells, shamelessly and continually plagiarises other people’s work and presents it as her own. To understand the context and the severity of her plagiarism, please read this article:

Amanda Wells’ background

This article exposes Amanda Wells plagiarising work from discusonline.com


In this exhibit, you will watch Video 1 and read Article 2.

Video 1 will be a video presentation, produced by Amanda Wells under her own Amanda Wells Coaching/Amanda Wells Ministries name.
Article 2 will be the original article she read and plagiarised from.

Weeding Out Amanda Wells logo

View Video 1 of Amanda Wells plagiarising Article 2 and read along.

Article 1

Amanda Wells produced the following video presentation on her Youtube account:

Reference: Amanda Wells Coaching, What are you??? DISC Personality System!! The D’s and I’s, Youtube, Published on 15/01/2013. (Accessed 15/12/2016.)



Article 2

High Dominance and Influence

A profile of this type represents a highly assertive person, capable of both direct, dynamic action or charming sociability as a situation demands. In combination, these factors describe a person with clear goals in life with the determination and commitment to achieve them. This style of person will seek to maintain a position of dominance, both in terms of personal authority and control, but also in a social sense – they like to feel that they are not only respected by those working with them, but also genuinely liked. This powerful behavioural style is often called the ‘Lazy Z’ in reference to its characteristic DISC profile shape.

Relating to Others

This type is characterised by strong social skills and a persuasive communication style. They are capable of great charm, but will sometimes adopt a more demanding, overbearing approach, especially if they feel themselves to be under pressure. The outgoing and quickly-paced approach of this kind of person can be difficult to deal with for less assertive or direct types, especially as they have no fear of confrontation and will address issues directly rather than prevaricate or evade.

Common Abilities

Challenge is a keyword for this type – they thrive in situations that others would find impossibly stressful and difficult to deal with. Their need for achievement means that they are willing to undertake almost any task to achieve success or recognition, and this driving, motivated approach lends them an urgency and energy rarely seen in other behavioural types.

Regular DISC users will recognize this profile shape as the classic ideal for direct sales work. This type of occupation typifies the characteristics of the Lazy Z, the ability to think and react quickly, adapt to challenging situations and use powers of both assertiveness and persuasion to motivate others to accept their own proposals.

Motivating Factors

As we have already seen, success and recognition are the twin motivating factors for a person with high Dominance and Influence. To be content, they must feel that they are a success in both their business and personal lives. More than this, they are motivated by challenge – stagnation is anathema to a person of this type, and they need to set themselves lofty goals and ambitions, and aim steadily towards these, if they are to operate at their best.


The Sub-traits of this type are Self-motivation, Independence, Enthusiasm and Self-confidence.

Style Card

In Style Card terms, this profile is intermediate between a Driver and a Communicator, a combined style referred to in this guide as Assertive. As this name suggests, this is a style strong in Assertiveness, but combining elements of both Control and Openness.

Discusonline further writes in another post:

Influence is the factor of communication. A profile like that on the left, showing high Influence with no other balancing factors, is very closely linked with those styles that communicate easily and fluently with others. It is for this reason that profiles of this kind are often referred to as ‘Communicator’ profiles – they describe confident, outgoing and gregarious individuals who value contact with other people and the development of positive relations.

Relating to Others

Relating to others is what a High-I (highly Influential person) does best. They are open to others and confident in their own social abilities, allowing them to interact positively in almost any situation. Their strong and evident confidence, coupled with their genuine interest in the ideas and especially feelings of other people, are often found charming by those around them.

Common Abilities

From the above, it will be no surprise that a High-I’s most distinct abilities lie in the area of communication.

They are strong communicators, possessing the assertiveness to drive home a point of view, but also the intuitive qualities to understand others’ perspectives and adapt to meet new situations.

Motivating Factors

Highly Influential individuals are motivated by relations with others. Specifically, they need to feel accepted by those around them, and react badly if they perceive themselves to be rejected or disliked. Praise and approval make a strong impression on them, and they will sometimes go to great lengths to achieve this kind of reaction from other people.

Especially important to this type of person are the opinions and reactions of their particularly close circle. When a High-I develops very close ties with somebody, that person becomes part of their ‘Influence Group’, as it is known. Their actions will often be designed to improve and extend relations within this group, even to the extent of alienating people who are not part of this circle. This factor can make highly Influential characters appear unpredictable at times.

Reference: By discus, High Dominance and Influence, discusonline.com, https://www.discusonline.com/udisc/highdi.html; and https://www.axiomsoftware.com/disc/interpretations/disc-interpretation-high-i-only.php, Published 1995-2016. (Accessed 15/12/2016.)


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