Oral Plagiarism – Exhibit 10: Wells teaches on Building your Marketing?

In 2014 Amanda Wells plagiarized material from Stacia Pierce – 2015

The false prophet, Amanda Wells, shamelessly and continually plagiarises other people’s work and presents it as her own. To understand the context and the severity of her plagiarism, please read this article:

Amanda Wells’ background

This article exposes Amanda Wells plagiarising work from discusonline.com

In this exhibit, you will listen to Audio 1 and read Article 2.

Audio 1 will be a link to the audio, produced by Amanda Wells under her own Amanda Wells Coaching/Amanda Wells Ministries name.
Article 2 will be the original article she read and plagiarised from.

Weeding Out Amanda Wells logo

Listen to Audio 1 of Amanda Wells plagiarising Article 2 and read along.

Article 1

Amanda Wells produced the following audio on her SoundCloud account:


Reference: amandalwells, Building Your Marketing, SoundCloud, Published in 2015. (Accessed 15/12/2016.)


Article 2

Relevant Marketing For The New Economy

Marketing is more than just developing a sales pitch, it includes your overall plan to take your business to the next level and help it reach peak performance. There are so many different ways to advertise and market your business, but first you must get the information on how to be relevant. The strategy and marketing tips that were useful 5 years ago may not be relevant today.

Here are a few marketing tips to help you market your business for optimum growth:

1. Give people something for free and they will feel obligated to return the favor

When you help someone, it creates a natural desire to return the favor. Share really good tips and ideas with your customers. Give them something they can use and get results. Once you’ve proven to help them with your information, they will be more open to purchasing more from you.

2. Give potential customers a taste

Offer free consultation or samples to turn new prospects on to your product and services. Free offerings of any kind are usually received well and give you a chance to test your market.

Sometimes you may even find opportunities at conferences to become a sponsor, which could mean adding gifts to the swag bag or having an exhibit booth.  When you get a sponsor table or attend trade shows and expos, sometimes it may seem like your efforts don’t pay off immediately…because so many people are visiting booths, but every time we’ve done this we’ve gotten at least a 10% return rate, landing many prospects and a few new customers.  One year we rented a booth at the bridal expo, giving out information about our services and landed contracts with 2 bridal whole parties…at least 12 or so ladies… as new clients. 

You can go big or small with free offerings. Check your local events and places that you can get involved with and book something right away.

3. Make it “Extra Special”

Make everything you do “extra special” and clients will take notice. Not only will they come back for more, they’ll tell their friends and their friends will invite more friends. Become known for your extra special services, packaging, presentations. I know of nail shops that offer free paraffin waxes and shoulder massages while your hand dries, Gucci sends their packages with scented paper inside, so you’ll have a pleasant experience opening up your Gucci box.  These types of extra services will set you above the rest.  Make an impression and your happy clients will tell others of how good you are.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your “Neighbors” (Network!)

Networking is STILL the most tried and true way to get new clients. You’ll have to come from behind your computer and get out into your community if you want more business. Join your local business organizations, contact your friends, family and all of their network and let them know what you are offering. Send an email to your entire email address book of close contacts and acquaintances. Let them know what you’re doing and ask them to spread the word to their network as well.

5. Do What You Need to Do to Be Seen

There’s a whole lot of competition in the market. Assess your business and determine your niche and marketing angle and promote it. You should ask yourself often, “What makes my business so special?” Then market from this point of view. Let your unique selling position shine and set you above the rest. The two college brothers that started Dominoes Pizza built a pizza dynasty on, “Fresh hot pizza in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.” Pizza places are all over college towns, yet they stood head and shoulders above the rest because of their selling point. What’s your unique selling point? Market from that angle and let people know why they should pick you instead of the competition.

6. Be Persistent

Try several advertisement avenues and chart your success rate. When you find something that works, do it over and over again! You can use Facebook advertising, Twitter, Yellow pages, referral bonuses…there are many options to try, keep putting out information, track your results and stick with what is working for your business.

7. Build Anticipation

Build anticipation for your new projects, products, service, website, etc by talking it up to your clients. Show hints, give snippets of information, and tell launch date OFTEN. People will be there to support if you build their excitement. For instance, Apple is great at anticipation marketing. Before the release of any new product, there is a ton of blogging, news reports, leaked photos and much more buzz about this new product. Music artists are now using anticipation marketing by leaking songs before release dates. Think of ways you can get your target audience excited about your new book, product or service, and they’ll flock to you on your release date.

8. Find Good Affiliate Partners

Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways you can reach new customers that are in your target audience and increase your sales by partnering with others. Encourage your current loyal customers to become affiliates with your business to promote products and services to their friends, family. Once they’re referrals start buying from you, you can reward your affiliate with a percentage of the sales.

9. Advertise Your Popularity

When someone takes notice of your products and services, whether it’s the local or national news organizations, TELL everyone.  Let them know that “Everyone Loves us!” People hate to be left out and love to be the first to know. More people will get on board! Every time you get a mention in a magazine, send it to your entire list and let them know. These are proof points that you are a great company to go with.

 These are just a few ways to help you jump start your marketing efforts. We’ve used these methods in our business and got results, I know that they’ll work for you too. So, get started right away…Write a list of 10 ways to market your business and generate profits in the next 7 days. Implement a plan and see how fast the income rolls in!


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