Exhibit #8

Posted on Facebook 19th October 2012:


Amanda Wells writes:
“Tony Mundie I am not a racist, my grandfather and father fought under the flag and they fought so you have the freedom to voice your opinion. My forefathers fought in the Boar (sic) war and the Korean War under this flag. I’m proud of my flag and my anthem and my God and my queen so a few words get over it. I do not want to Change because the flag has my family’s blood on it caught for you!!!!!”

Kerri writes:
In a reaction to comments made in 2012 by Anthony Mundine, an Australian boxer,Wells again uses the situation to take the opportunity to make false claims about our own family.

LIE. Our father did NOT fight “under the flag” as Wells claims. He was in fact, one of an unfortunate group of men who were not permitted to serve in this respect on medical grounds nor even ever leave the shores of this country. Having a serious skin disease, our father served his war time duties in Waterloo, a suburb of NSW as a “Cycle Mechanic”. (Bicycles were still an oft used mode of transport during that time). He did not witness or take part in any active fighting.

For our father and other men who were not permitted to join the fighting on medical grounds there was a great deal of regret over this issue. They in fact, were barred from belonging to the RSL clubs (Returned Soldiers League) and our father suffered enormous embarrassment at being barred from a club where most of the other men in our street socialised, following the war. (Note that the RSL also banned those soldiers who returned from the Vietnam War also as they didn’t consider it a “real war”!)

[The rules were very strict for many years but were eventualy overturned to recognise those who served in their home country as eligible to be admitted. It will be forever to the shame of the RSL for having ever treating decent and loyal Australians in this way.]

My father was deeply affected by his not being eligible to “fight under the flag” as Wells so falsely claims he did, and as a result he refused to take part in any Anzac Day ceremonies for his entire lifetime. It was a deeply painful matter for our father which Wells would have known if she had ever taken the time to speak with him about it and were he alive to witness her making such a false claim about his war time experience it would have caused him considerable distress given the truth of the matter.

One of our grandfather’s did not enlist at all and the other certainly did not shed any of the “family’s blood” during his time in the defence force, so Wells dramatic claim is emotive, unnecessary and misleading.

We have NO direct ancestors who fought in the either the Korean War or the Boer War.

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