AWOL A. Wells: “I’m a great me” (From Churchwatch Central)

Churchwatch Central writes:

Amanda Wells is at it again. This time, Wells chose to broadcast to the world on facebook how much she loves herself.

In fact, she shared that if she tries to be someone else, her angels go “Huh?”. Her comment should make you go “Huh?”.


Wells stated on FaceBook,

I’m a great me, no one else is like me, I’m a unique me and if I try to be you I’m not a good me at all. I can’t be you because I was created an awesome me

I’ve grown my hair twice in my life last time in much of it fell out when I was sick so yay it was cut short again. I’ve worn a dress about 3 times in my life, lol was never girly although did ballet and loved it but hated sport. Loved climbing trees and cricket with boys so I was a dichotomy

But I am a great me. I never want to be you because when I try my angels go huh….. Whose that, they recognise me

Be the best you you can be and when you do you give yourself permission and ability to Be more

Source: Amanda Wells, FaceBook, Churchwatch Central, 17/12/2014. (Accessed 31/03/2015.)

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