Exhibit #9

Posted on Facebook 1st January 2015:


Amanda Wells writes:

“This is the YEAR where forgotten and broken dreams are being restored!

I believe that is such a prophetic word for this year

Let me tell an amazing testimony…..

I used to dance. My mother was an amazing tap dancer if war hadn’t broken out she would have gone professional. My sister was a ballet teacher but 2 ops on her ankles stopped her. My nephew was a Principal dancer for The Australian Ballet Company.

I loved ballet since I can ever remember, I didn’t walk I flitted. I didn’t like pop music I listened to Classical. I pleaded with my dad to learn, the answer was always NO! No one makes money from dancing. I was rubbish at school, always dreaming of dancing. Then finally my dad relented when I was in Grade 3 and said if I get in the top 6 of my science exam I can start ballet. I was 30th in a class of 32 this was impossible. So I asked a girlfriend to come and stay a weekend at my house and we studied science the WHOLE weekend. I was 6th in my exam, first and ONLY time. My ballet began

I adored it. I moved to Hazel Meldrum’s school and practiced every day. The only RAD exam my dad allowed me to sit was Elementary but I would attend Saturday class and then in the changing room I would leave the door open during every class and follow every class on Saturdays and then copy the Solo Seal class. I was at 16 soon asked to sit my Solo Seal, that was young!

Ballet back then was for nerds, and you were bullied badly, but it never stopped me. I had a dream and a goal; the Australian Ballet Company, Sadlers Wells and Covent Garden. Posters all over my wall and the dream was in me every day.

 One day when I was 16 Miss Hazel came to me and said Miss Ferguson you have won the scholarship for the 6 weeks holidays for full time at Sculley Boravansky’s in Sydney. I didn’t know I’d even gone for the scholarship. I still remember the excitement, THE best school in Australia. Mum and dad said I could go and every day I caught a bus into the city and danced. My teacher was Dame Nellie Potts, the RAD examiner and part of the Australian Ballet Corp admissions. I adored it. On the last day we were doing Grande Jete’s, it was a small class of only 8 of us. Miss Potts screamed at me, ‘Miss Ferguson do it again’. On the 10th time I lost count and was almost in tears but one thing Ballet teaches; is discipline and determination.

After the class Miss Potts called me to her office and said in few words. Miss Ferguson I want to offer you a full scholarship and an automatic entrance into the Australian Ballet Company. I flew home and couldn’t wait to tell mum and dad. My dad said ‘absolutely NO, you are too young to be travelling into the city after school, NO.’

I put my pointes away that day. They still had bloodstains from where we soaked our feet in metho and danced till we bled but my dream was shattered. I never danced again.

I was asked out by a super nerdy medical student to see Swan Lake with Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev in Sydney before they retired! I saw Sir Robert Helpman in his last dance in Cinderella. My dream of Covent Garden was reached when I saw a Ballet there. I even met Li Cunxin from Mao’s Last dancer at a conference in Melbourne.

But my dream to dance had died. I thought about going back but kids, soccer, basketball, music lessons and you as mum are always last. Then I got sick and my metabolism messed up so much that when the ‘M’ word came I went from a size 10 to … lets say ‘bigger’. Roger would always take me to Bloc in the Valley and try his hardest to get me to buy some shoes…….. but my dream was dead

 Yesterday I was talking to a young dancer who loved Ballet and yet had never been to one, so I said would you like this ‘nerd’ to take you…… oh yeah! So looking on the website last night and my eyes fell onto my boots. On January 12th they are having a boot camp for over 55’s and the person doing it is the Principal Dancer. It is designed for those who love ballet but don’t have the flexibility now but want the exercise. 

Its in the Qld Ballet Studios, and then a lesson once a week……… its so cheap!! I couldn’t wait to tell Roger he was sooooo excited for me and so encouraging 

So my dream lost over 40 years ago has sprung to life……. In January I will be at the Queensland Ballet Company School and at Boot Camp!!

My God is so, so great He never forgets a dream, and no matter how long or how broken God WILL mend it and He WILL somehow bring it to pass………. Need to go out and BUY my shoes!

Dust Off The Shattered Dreams
If He Did It For Me He Will Do It For You!!!!

Happy New Year

2015 Amanda”

Kerri writes:
The above is possibly one of the most delusional and mendacious claims ever published by Amanda Wells and as such merits special attention. That she has made the false claims and then suggested that it is an “amazing testimony” to give credence to her having received a “prophetic word” should be enough for any person who is still in doubt about Wells’ integrity to require no further convincing. Note how Wells once again drags several other irrelevant people into her lie in an attempt to heighten interest and give her story “credibility”.

Pathological liars “may lie to make themselves look more important than they truly are. They may exaggerate accomplishments in personal or professional areas in order to make their lives seem impressive”.

You may hear a pathological liar repeat the story of a friend or family member. They may also repeat stories from movies or television shows. The stories may be embellished slightly in the pathological liar’s version.

1. “I used to dance”. A nebulous, vague and capacious claim to open the way for the false claims to follow.

2. “My mother was an amazing tap dancer and if War hadn’t broken out she would have gone professional”. LIE. To make such a claim when our mother is deceased and not able to refute it is not only unkind but offensive to a painful period of our mother’s life. Our mother was neither an “amazing” tap dancer nor an eager one. She took tap dancing lessons as a child and was a reluctant dance student at best when she took lessons forced upon her by her own mother who was a close friend of the dance teacher. Our mother lamented all her life about how painful the memories of those lessons were, and neither the out-break of the War or any other reason other than her total disinterest and distaste for the activity caused her to give it up at the first available opportunity, whilst still only young. To suggest our mother possessed the talent, could have, or indeed had any desire to “turn professional”, reaches beyond hyperbole and is nothing short of a LIE. This is typical of the sort of yarns Wells in is the habit of fabricating to embellish her own false claims.

3. “My sister was a ballet teacher but 2 ops on her ankles stopped her.” LIE. As the sister cited in this claim I refute it categorically. As is typical with such pathological lying Wells has inserted irrelevant but factual sounding detail in an attempt to pad out the lie. Incidentally, there were not two but three operations all of which occurred whilst I was still a teenager! NONE of those stopped me dancing nor were they the reason I closed my ballet school. (I did not even open my ballet school until in my early twenties and AFTER undergoing these operations!) I ceased teaching and only closed my small ballet school, because it was a condition (imposed by a Government agency) with which I had to comply in order to adopt my first child. That is, it was required that I cease working. I did so. However, I did NOT cease dancing because of operations on my ankles, I opened my ballet school some years AFTER those operations and in fact continued participating in ballet classes for my own fitness and interest for many years following ankle surgery. Any discerning reader would have noted that my career path and/or medical history were irrelevant and immaterial to the fantasy story into which Wells was preparing to launch forth. Discerning people must surely ask themselves what possible relevance any of this information about my medical history could have on the fantastic story Wells was about to fabricate about hrself.

4. “My nephew was a Principal dancer for The Australian Ballet Company.” LIE. None of Well’s nephews was ever a principal dancer for the Australian Ballet Company nor even a member of the Australian Ballet Company. To make such a claim in order to add adornment to her own fantasy and to involve others in her lies is not only unethical and immoral but fraudulent, and incidentally, for a Christian, a sin. To include an individual who had already suffered immense pain and tragedy in his life in order to use him for her own deceitful ends is beyond shameful and disreputable. This FALSE claim can be easily checked by any member of the public through the Australian Ballet Company records. Wells’ Claim that she listened to classical music rather than popular music is laughable. In all her growing up years I never knew her to listen to classical music, but that is the least of her fantasies. 

NOTE that by now Wells had already drawn three other people into her lie; her mother, her sister and a nephew in order to set up her LIE. None of any of the activities or achievements of any of those she has cited has any relevance whatsoever to Wells ensuing claim; nor do the achievements or experiences of other people have any relevance whatsoever to anything Wells did or did not do herself during her lifetime. 

5. “I pleaded with my dad to learn, the answer was always NO! No one makes money from dancing.” This is a shameful and scurrilous LIE. Our father afforded BOTH of his daughters the opportunity to do ballet lessons as he was a great exponent of the benefits of such training. To attribute the statement “no one makes money from ballet” to this generous man who held no such opinion is so despicable as to defy explanation. With our father now deceased, of course, Wells has no qualms about denigrating our father in making such claims.

As I took lessons several times a week for many years in my youth (including expensive private lesson) I wonder how Wells explains this inconsistency in our father’s ethos! If our father indeed had expounded such a view why then did he not apply it to me? The answer is again, self-evident. Wells did not show any more “interest” in ballet than the majority of little girls. She was indeed given the opportunity to take lessons by very generous and “plugged-in” parents and quit lessons after a short time of her own volition much to the disappointment of both parents. The truth is that Wells showed little interest in taking ballet lessons when they were offered and little or no interest in the work required to prepare for examinations etc. If Wells had any moral calibre or conscience she would retract this claim immediately and cease defaming those who are deceased and unable to defend themselves against such unwarranted and preposterous allegations. Our father never withheld any opportunities to undergo such beneficial pursuits from any of his children and in fact, due to his own somewhat deprived childhood, took great pride in being able to provide his own children with that which many other parents could not afford. Casting such false aspersions on her own father is unconscionable.

6. “Then finally my dad relented when I was in Grade 3 and said if I get in the top 6 of my science exam I can start ballet. I was 30th in a class of 32 this was impossible.” LIE. This story grows more bizarre and delusional as it goes on. Again, note the inserting of specific and irrelevant detail in order to pad out the lie. A check with the school involved will confirm that Grade 3 students did not study “Science” as such, much less take examinations in the subject. To suggest my father placed this unreasonable and excessive demand on an 8 year old child is shameful. The rest of the claim regarding her inviting a friend to come and study for the entire weekend and her ultimate place in the
non-existent Science Exam is, of course, all utter nonsense!

7. Likewise, the rest of this “story” can only be described as a litany of LIES. Again, names of notable people etc are nefariously inserted to pad out the story and attempt to give it credibility. Wells’ claim that the only ballet examination her father allowed her to “sit” (sic) was her Elementary is another false claim. The lengths to which Wells is prepared to go in order to concoct stories to explain her own failure to take an interest in and get involved in activities in her younger days is astounding. Wells, despite our parents’ encouragement and to their disappointment, resisted taking part in examinations. Our father, a somewhat competitive man and one who valued achievements, encouraged us to take examinations etc connected with whatever activity in which we were involved. To denigrate others in the telling of her lies is a disgraceful act for anybody let alone anyone claiming to be a Christian “Pastor”.

8. “Ballet back then was for nerds, and you were bullied badly, but it never stopped me.” is a ridiculous claim. Ballet was a very common and well-accepted activity of many little girls and most certainly not considered “nerdy”.

Note: as stated in studies on pathological lying, the one spinning the story may also always paint themselves in the light of victimhood in order to gain attention. Wells has also stated publicly on other occasions that she broke her arm whilst trying to rescue another person from being bullied. This claim is totally false. Wells broke her arm whilst playing during normal childhood activity.

9. Wells’ absurd claim that she was offered automatic entrance into the Australian Ballet Company by Dame Nellie Potts is a LIE of such grandiose proportions as to suggest that Wells may be in need of psychological attention. No dancer is afforded “automatic entrance into the Australian Ballet”. Wells was never asked to “sit [her] Solo Seal” and the claim is sheer utter nonsense and an insult to all the young men and women in this country who have actually attained this high level. To even be considered for the Solo Seal students must first have achieved their Advanced Certificate with Distinction! The Advanced Certificate is achieved only after many years of dedicated study and training well beyond Elementary level, and one Wells never undertook. A handful of lessons at a local ballet school certainly do not prepare a dancer for this level of achievement!

NO part of this story, including claims of offers of scholarships etc, as told by Wells ever happened. Her claim that she travelled to the city every day for lessons is a lie and never occurred. Perhaps Wells might be better off posting her ACTUAL life story and what she was doing at 16 years of age rather than this fictitious nonsense.

10. The constant references over time by Wells in her public posts regarding her bleeding feet and the soaking of her feet in “metho” because of her “point work” are all, of course, a figment of her imagination… OR are they a purposeful lie to further hoodwink and seduce her followers? It is very unfortunate to see how many people have bought into this delusion and responded and commented about their similar experiences on her social media pages. She owes every single one of them an apology.

11. The entire story is so detailed and of such fictitious grandiose proportions that to disseminate it point by point would result in arduous and boring reading. However one last point in her claim is worthy of mention, and that is Wells’ claim that she “was asked out by a super nerdy medical student to see Swan Lake with Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev in Sydney before they retired!” The last time Nureyev and Fonteyn performed in Swan Lake together in Sydney was in 1964. At that time Wells was just 8 years of age and certainly would hardly have attracted the attention of, nor have been permitted to go out on a date with, a medical student, “nerdy” or otherwise!!!

This is a family photo of Wells taken in 1964. Wells is the small child in front. The faces of other family members who do not deserve to be dragged any further into her lies have been covered for obvious reasons. In 1964, at the time of this photo I was 16 years of age and Wells was just 8 years of age. If this is not enough to convince even the least discerning person of the fictitious claim that Wells was asked out by a “super nerdy Medical student” to go to the theatre in 1964 then perhaps such a person is as delusional as Wells herself. 


Family photo 1964 – note who has the protective arm on her younger sister – a feature of almost every photo where both sisters appear. Wells’ choice to turn the love and affection of her family towards her into a fictitious story of how badly she was treated by family members, especially a loving and protective older sister, in an abysmal ploy for attention in order to make financial gain from her story is shameful.

This post, “An Old Shattered And Broken Dreams Comes True,” was also claimed in various places, including on the Elijah List, and her own wellsministries.com website to be a “prophetic word”.

Since a prophecy is a word from God and this entire post is nothing short of a scurrilous and fanciful LIE, and since we know God NEVER lies, discerning Christians should draw their own conclusions.

This total fantastic tail is worthy of seriously considering Well’s state of mind at the time of writing. Since this false story (also purported to be a “prophecy”) was posted immediately prior to the Australian Prophetic Summit which was held in Brisbane, Queensland in 2015, it is assumed Wells was attempting to boost her credentials as a “prophet” in anticipation of the event.

Source: Amanda Wells, wellsministries.com.au, http://wellsministries.com.au/site/old-shattered-broken-dreams-comes-true/, Published 01/01/2015, (Accessed 12/02/107)

Posted on Facebook 22nd March 2015:


Amanda Wells writes:
“yep they were my feet!! They spent more time in metho than dancing I think……. if you want to fulfil your dream its going to cause pain, its going to hurt, but like a dancer you put your pointe’s on and dance until you realise the pain was but for a season the dream is the goal! #dreamshurt”

Kerri writes:
Wells continued spinning her yarn on other occasions, claiming how much ballet lessons had caused her feet to suffer, posting a dramatic generic photo of an unidentified dancer’s feet, and even eventually inviting others to tell of their experiences, once again duping people into becoming her embroiled in her fallacious story. Weekly ballet lessons over a short period of time do NOT result in this kind of damage or injury. This entire “yarn” is so delusional that it is certainly an indication that professional help is needed.

Posted on Facebook 17th January 2015:


Amanda Wells writes:
“Do NOT tell me that ALL things are NOT possible, that age is an obstacle……. if the QLD Ballet don’t think so then why do you!!!

It’s been 50 years since I wore these I was always in Demi pointes or pointes”

Kerri writes:
Wells posted a photo of her own feet in ballet “slippers”. Any discerning individual would note that for someone who had claimed to have the level of experience in dance that she had she failed to learn how to properly adjust, fasten and wear even these basic ballet “slippers”.

The farce continued as Wells posted yet another claim about her “dancer’s feet” and invited others to comment on her page in an effort to drag this deceptive fantasy on even more.

Of course, once again, when this concoction of lies is exposed, Wells will continue to accuse her sister of being a “nutter”, and make false accusations of mental health problems on the part of her accusers. It is the favourite ploy used by pathological liars to excuse their lies. But it cannot continue on if only people check the facts for themselves!!!! By not doing so they are enabling her to live in her fantasy world and that is of no benefit to anyone.

Posted on Facebook 26th October 2015:

Amanda Wells writes:
“Do any of you ex dancers remember pointes … I soaked my feet in Metho….. what did you use??”

Kerri writes:
The most troubling issue about this entire load of nonsense is that Wells went on to use this false story as a promotion for her “prophetic” abilities and claimed:

“This is the YEAR where forgotten and broken dreams are being restored!
I believe that is such a prophetic word for this year
Let me tell an amazing testimony…..”

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