Hypocrite #1

Posted on 27th May, 2016

 27 May 2016-10-01.jpg
Amanda Wells writes:
“Accountability keeps us behaving responsibly. 

You need to know WHO your accountable to and this will keep you behaving in an responsible manner.

In any institution whether it be family, church, education, etc and one of the most important areas along with church is GOVERNMENT

I need to know the person I am accountable to, this is why I vote in elections, I may not entirely agree with the party who wins, BUT I agree with the process so therefore I am accountable. 

I have been musing and the issue with the EU is the process. How can EU Nations be accountable when they don’t know who they are accountable to? Who gives the directives, who looks after the money etc. The face of the EU is faceless and therefore accountability is difficult and this results in irresponsible behaviour

Todays Musings”

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