Ground 0 Enablers

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“Ambassador” Don Nori Sr, the founder of Destiny Image Publishing, and “Pastor” Pietro Evangelista, the founder of Destiny Image Europe/Evangelista Media, are
 Ground 0 Enablers of plagiarist Amanda Wells.

(Introduction to “Can A Nation Be Changed In A Day?” by Amanda Wells.)


Both Don Nori and Pietro Evangelista were notified about the plagiarism IN HER BOOKS by a group of Concerned Christians on February 9th, 2017 with the following message:

For some time a group of concerned Christians have been following the movements of Amanda Wells, a woman from Australia who claims she has been “ordained” in at least three churches and that she is a “prophet” of God.

Amanda first came to our watch list when we received information that certain material she was presenting as her own work had been plagiarised from other sites on the Internet.  Further intense investigation found a plethora of such plagiarized material, and we began to view this matter more seriously.  

In 2015 the discernment website Churchwatch Central attempted to draw attention to Wells’ illegal activity by promoting a game called “Culprit in the Pulpit” which encouraged  Christians to be more discerning when accepting the claims of people who claim to be prophets.  Every person who claimed to be a prophet and who were a part of the Elijah List with Wells was personally notified and led to examples of plagiarism.  Some of the people from whom she had plagiarised even appeared on that list of her own colleagues!  The warning was ignored.  Wells herself chose to deal with the issue by using social media to insult and abuse those who began to ask questions. 

Here is a timeline of events that has been documented:

In 2016 at the time of the Australian Prophetic Summit, every member of the Elijah list was once again notified that despite her being exposed as a plagiarist the previous year, Wells had continued to steal other’s material and sell it and present it as her own during the intervening 12 month period.

By this time, Wells had attracted attention from other areas including a Christian Radio station:

Despite the fact that the Elijah List did not have the courtesy to respond to warnings, it was noted that all Wells’ “prophecies” were suddenly removed from the site.  Likewise, the Senior Pastor of her church, (Glory City Church), one Katherine Ruonala, took action, and according to Wells’ own website  ( Wells had removed herself from her activities in the Glory City Church for a certain time in order to receive counseling regarding the matter.

Despite assurances from those enabling Wells, further material began to emerge, and in recent weeks we have become aware that books which Wells claimed to have written also contained plagiarized material. 

Currently we are investigating her other books and looking for more plagiarised material.  We have every reason to believe that there are yet more examples to be discovered, and we will continue our attempts to expose this theft of intellectual property. If she has sold her books at your church, or if you have purchased her books, then you have enabled a plagiarist. We are taking this opportunity to request that you, as Amanda Wells’ friend, call her out on her sins as she’s engaging in illegal activities and will reflect poorly on your church and all who are affiliated with her. 

Since we have video evidence of Wells selling these products from pulpits and platforms at church meetings in countries spread across the world, we will continue to advise all parties involved to cease and desist immediately in any further promotion of these products. 

We are notifying all the publishing companies that have published her books and all the companies that sell her books, as well as all the churches that promote her because when she goes to a church to speak she sells her plagiarized materials there. 

If you have questions or concerns of the content of this letter please message us here on Facebook or email us at 

Yours faithfully, 

Concerned Christians

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Pietro Evangelista Notified.png

Don Nori chose to deal with the matter by deleting the message and not even acknowledging it.

Don Nori deleted.png

It’s appalling behavior for a man who is leading up a large business to not acknowledge his mail. It’s even worse for a business man to ignore the fact that Amanda Wells is falsely claiming to have had five of her books published with HIS company, Destiny Image Publishing (Open Email from Follower). By not denying Wells’ false story, Don Nori Sr. is tacitly endorsing her fraudulent claims.

Pietro Evangelista chose to deal with the matter by ignoring the message entirely.

Pietro Evangelista still up .png

Pietro Evangelista is the man who published Amanda Wells’ first two books, “In My Father’s House” and “Can A Nation Be Changed In A Day?”

EM Amanda Wells 2 books.png

Here is Amanda Wells’ interview about “In My Father’s House” with Pietro Evangelista, which took place in his office.


Why are both Don Nori and Pietro Evangelista choosing to ignore this matter, what are they hiding? 

Amanda Wells is a false prophet who shouldn’t be listened to by anyone, and yet, the silence by everyone who is capable of publicly rebuking her (Katherine Ruonala, Don Nori Sr, Pietro Evangelista, and all the Prophets on the Elijah List), continue to remain silent on the matter, which makes them complicit in her fraudulent behavior.

Perhaps both Don Nori Sr. and Pietro Evangelista would like to come clean with who actually wrote “In My Father’s House” and “Can A Nation Be Changed In A Day?” And why neither of these men rebuke her claim that they are responsible for producing her other three books that are actually self published? 

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