Barnes & Noble and eBay no longer sell Amanda Wells’ plagiarized books

We’ve taken the time here at Weedingoutwells to alert Barnes and Noble, eBay, Amazon, and other sellers of Amanda Wells’ books that “There Shall Be No Poor Among You” and “Package Your Brilliance Factor” contains plagiarism. Coincidently, immediately following our correspondence to the companies that are selling these books, both of Amanda Wells’ books that contain plagiarism were taken down from Barnes & Noble and eBay.

The following screenshots were taken on December 24th, 2016:

Barnes and Noble Book.png
Barnes and Noble Book 2.png

eBay package is there.png

The following screenshot were taken on January 30th, 2017:

B&N Poor among you.png

eBay Package Your Brilliance Factor.png

Although we emailed both Barnes & Noble and eBay to confirm that these books were taken down due to the plagiarism contained in both, neither company emailed us back to confirm this.

Individual authors have expressed both gratitude and concern to us after having been notified that their work was plagiarized. Our correspondence with the authors who were plagiarized from has been viewed by them seriously and any action to be taken is now their responsibility.

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