Principal Enabler and Promoter of Amanda Wells

Katherine Ruonala, Senior Pastor of Glory City Church in Brisbane, Australia, is the Principal Enabler of Amanda Wells.

In November of 2015, Katherine Ruonala, the convener of the Australian Prophetic Council Summit, along with the rest of the 126 Elijah List members, were alerted to Amanda Wells’ plagiarism. Only 5 of the 126 “Prophets” responded privately to the Concerned Christians back in 2015, but NONE of them publicly called out Amanda Wells. 

Elijah List Prophets fail to hear from God about Amanda Wells’ continued plagiarism

Even after Amanda Wells was publicly called out for being a plagiarist in November of 2015, Katherine Ruonala CONTINUED to invite Wells to preach at her church regularly and paved the way for Wells to preach in other churches with which Katherine is connected throughout the world.

Katherine Ruonala continues to knowingly endorse a plagiarist

Glory City Church – 3rd July 2016

Not only that, but Katherine Ruonala endorsed the prophecies of Amanda Wells, some of which were plagiarised [Written Plagiarism – Exhibit 18: Hope in the Lord (from Pat Francis)] and encouraged her to prophecy to the unsuspecting congregants of Glory City Church.


Katherine Ruonala did this despite having irrefutable proof that Wells was a plagiarist and therefore couldn’t be trusted. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22) How did Ruonala in good conscience and as a self proclaimed leader of a church, dismiss the well being of her members so blithely with callous indifference to the spiritual well being of her Church?

In November of 2016, when the Australian Prophetic Council was holding their annual meeting, the Concerned Christians again alerted Katherine Ruonala and the rest of the Elijah List “Prophets” about Wells’ plagiarism.

Elijah List “Prophets” notified AGAIN by Concerned Christians

Katherine Ruonala FINALLY decided to respond. At the bottom of the following article it says, “CWC has received a response from Katherine Ruonala.” 

BREAKING NEWS: Elijah List Prophet Vawser’s prophetic flip-flop over Amanda Wells’ plagiarism

It only took one year after Amanda Wells had first been publicly exposed for plagiarism that Katherine Ruonala, lead Pastor of Glory City Church and the Australian Prophetic Council coordinator, finally decided to respond, and even then it was only apparently after Lana Vawser and others took their concerns to Katherine.

A short time later, Amanda Wells removed her Twitter, facebook, and other social media pages, and added a pathetic sounding “apology” onto the About page of her website.

Open Letter to Amanda Wells

Now you see it, now you don’t! (Wells’ disappearing apology act.)

Amanda Wells “apology” is back up


Wells claimed that God told her to go to Katherine Ruonala’s church.

Open Heaven Church Friday 22nd May 2015.

Open Heaven Church in Prestons, New South Wales Address: 23/274-276 Hoxton Park Rd, Prestons NSW 2170

Now the video has since been pulled down.

Despite the inadequate acknowledgement that she had been caught out plagiarizing the work of other individuals, and despite other evidence having come to light that she had made other false claims and claimed to be speaking for God (we know this is not possible because God does NOT lie) Wells maintained on her wellsministries website that she was a member of the Australia Prophetic Council AND that she is an ordained Pastor through Glory City Church. That claim is still made on her website as at the time of the publishing of this article and also is made on the biographies used by those still endorsing this fake prophet in their churches and at their conferences.

So Katherine Ruonala has no problem having and an ordained Pastor in her church who does not fit the Biblical requirements of leadership and had no problem endorsing and promoting her even after she was first notified of the facts. Ruonala has also sent Wells out to other churches in the world from Glory City as a representative of her church. This is not only concerning but disgraceful.

Ruonala is not obedient to the Word of God.

“Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.” (Ephesians 4:25)


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