Amanda Wells wrote a book on fitness?

According to Amazon, goodreads, and Prettyfamous, Amanda Wells is the author of “Starting a Life of Fitness.”



If this is indeed true then here are all five of her books:

Chart all  books.png
Notice that NONE of these five books were published through Destiny Image Publishing House with Don Nori like Amanda Wells claims on her website.


The first two books were published through Destiny Image Europe/Evangelista Media with Pietro Evangelista. The other three books were SELF PUBLISHED.

Because the evidence would have the public believe that Amanda Wells’ LAST book, “Starting a Life of Fitness,” is hers, we must point out some inconsistencies in the “About the Author” info listed beneath this book on Amazon:

Starting life of fitness.png

About the Author:
“Amanda and her husband Roger reside in Brisbane, Australia. Their two daughters and son-in-law live in Brisbane also and their son now resides in the UK. Amanda has been in ministry for more than 20 years and was the woman s minister in her local church for eight years. She has ministered in more than 17 nations to people of different cultures and nationalities. Amanda and Roger have a Training School in Brisbane teaching Kingdom dynamics.” (Emphasis Ours)

Compare this to the “About the Author” information under “There Shall Be No Poor Among You”,which was published February 1st, 2014 just ten months prior:

There Shall Be No Poor Among You bio.png

About the Author:
“Amanda Wells lives in beautiful Queensland Australia, with her husband Roger, and close by are her 3 children, son and daughter in law and grandchild. She has been described as a dynamic, powerful visionary and humanitarian whose passion is for people to engage their spheres of influence to bring transformation and she is committed to the growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs, businesses and corporate entities around the globe through teaching, not only high-level cutting-edge authentic marketing and business strategies – but also transformational techniques to shift mindsets and wealth. She teaches how to create successful businesses based in a person’s passion, attract an on-going stream of customers, clients and income — while creating a life of meaning and purpose. After 25 years of itinerate ministry in 63 Nations she passionately believes that education is the key to liberty and the change this affords will be the foundation for a successful future and transformation in a community and culture. As a successful international speaker at many levels and platforms, including business and corporate, and within the worldwide Christian community, she is loved for her humour and her content rich delivery and leaves her audiences believing they can accomplish anything, in both their personal and professional lives! Amanda has 5 books published through Destiny Image Publishing House and as a life and business coaching to businesses, corporations and leaders in every field, has developed and co developed a number of coaching programs. Amanda is a regional director for the Australian Prophetic Council and is an ordained pastor through Glory City Church and through the HIM Network.” (Emphasis Ours)

Roger Wells was involved in ministry work with Amanda Wells in 2000 and was still involved in 2014, according to the bio of what we’ve been led to believe is Wells’ fifth book. So our question is where does Roger Wells fit in with all of this? He appears to be involved in the ministry when it’s convenient. Therefore, was he aware that his wife, Amanda Wells, was plagiarising the works of other authors?




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