Whack a Wells

Amanda Wells has the following message on her website:

“Recently my church leadership have approached me in a loving and caring way concerning some accusations that have been made against me. In discussion with them, I can see where I have presented material from other people without giving credit. It thus could be seen as presenting it as my own. For this I am truly sorry.

I will be contacting those whose material I have used, acknowledging my error and asking for forgiveness.

I have also submitted myself to my leadership and will be taking a period of time off to receive ministry and obtain healing from my local church family.

For the wider body of Christ, please accept my apology and please pray for me as I journey through to health and restoration.

In love – Amanda” (Emphasis ours)

We would like to ask Amanda Wells how those she’s stolen from are able to contact her if she keeps putting up and taking down her Facebook page?

Well for those of you who have been stolen from and need to contact her here is her facebook page:


It’s only up an hour or so at at time, which could mean that Amanda Wells is using it as a free way to send out private messages to her friends before quickly hiding her facebook again. So, be sure to be on the lookout for this facebook page:

2017-03-05 21.54.19.png

2017-03-05 21.54.23.png

Additional Contact information for Amanda Wells can be found here:

Contact Us.png

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