Victim #1

It seems the Weeding Out Wells website is attracting a considerable amount of interest from several countries. One follower has contacted us and alerted us to an encounter that they had with Wells. Given what transpired, the writer was concerned about Wells’ state of mind when it occurred and asked to remain anonymous. We respect and will honor that; however, we have no control over what Wells does. Should Wells choose to post the screenshot that she claims to have, we cannot be held accountable for that information being released.

Wells has been known in the past to use social media to make adverse comments about other people’s businesses. This was one such occasion. For some reason, Wells felt it necessary to let the world know about her negative shopping experience and was condescending to say the least about junior sales staff in a certain store which we understand is in Queensland, Australia.


The writer wrote this below the above Wells post:

Mary Bailey fb post.png

The writer was quickly blocked from Amanda Wells’ facebook page, and then Wells did something totally astounding! Read what happens next:


The writer was horrified to being blocked, and the writer’s friend, who is a Glory City Church goer, helped grab the above screenshot and was also mortified.

As is obvious from what Wells posted, she is no stranger to lying and exaggerating. Note the person who commented on Wells’ facebook page did not give any detail as to when Wells was at the church, nor indeed was where she lived apart of that post.

To claim that she got a screenshot of it is clearly false because what was posted is not what Wells claims. What was it Wells allegedly sent to facebook? What celebrity status does Wells think she enjoys that Facebook would attend to her complaints within a few minutes? What was so wrong with that post from the writer that Facebook had to immediately terminate it?

But thanks Amanda Wells for warning others of the nutters out there.

Please email to submit your story.

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