Did Evangelista have a hand in writing one of Wells’ plagiarized books?

We’ve proven that Amanda Wells’ book, “There Shall Be No Poor Among You,” contains plagiarized material. However, the Special Thanks section at the beginning of the book ties in several people as “helping” Amanda Wells create the plagiarized piece:

Special Thanks.png

My beautiful Pastors Tom and Katherine Ruonala and Glory City Church, a house of love!

To Heather Montgomerie who took this raw product and through hours of tedious editing turned it into a readable product I could send to the publisher. Heather, you and your gift are sent by God.

To all the team at Evangelista Media, they are like family to me.”

According to Amanda Wells, Heather Montgomerie had a hand in editing this plagiarized book. Heather Montgomerie has also been mentioned as one of the proof readers of Katherine Ruonala’s book, “Living in the Miraculous: How God’s Love is Expressed Through the Supernatural.”image001.png

“To Sheila Williams, Sarah Cheesman, Tony Slaughter, Heather Montgomerie, and Chris Wyman: thank you all for your help with the proofreading process. I am so grateful for your help.”

This leads us to ask if Pastors Tom and Katherine Ruonala and Pietro Evangelista also contributed to the plagiarized piece, “There Shall Be No Poor Among You”?

It seems odd that Amanda Wells attributed this self published book of hers to the Publishing company Evangelista Media (formerly known as “Destiny Image Publishing.”

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