Enabler #7


Bev Murrill is an enabler of Amanda Wells.

According to their website;

“CHRISTIAN GROWTH INTERNATIONAL (CGi) was founded by Rick and Bev Murrill when they came to England from Australia in 1996 to lead the church that became known as Christian Growth Centre in Chelmsford. Out of this church a network has developed as churches have been planted out of Chelmsford and other churches have sought relationship with CGi. 

As a network of churches, CGi aims to provide support and covering for churches and groups who have come together in relationship with a common DNA to build church and to extend the kingdom. There are currently CGi churches (known as Christian Growth Centres).”

The Murrills also established M:POWER Ministry Training College and it contains the following statement in it’s prospectus:

Life has a way of challenging all of our well thought
out principles and ideals. Unless we can live the life,
all our talk is meaningless. It’s vital that our
character is larger than our gifting.”

Clearly Murrill does not apply this ethos to the Christian Growth International of network of churches. These are just empty words when churches are ushering wolves into their congregations and feeding them doctrines of demons. The character of some is clearly NOT larger than their gifting!

This is from Bev Murrill’s own website. We will let her speak for herself.

“The difference between a Church that shows the world who God is, and one that doesn’t, generally boils down to its leaders, and this is where my second passion comes in. I believe that the development of godly, empowering, courageous, visionary leaders is crucial if the Church is to fulfil its mandate to facilitate the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.

I have a Masters Degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary and this, combined with my 30+ years of experience as a church leader in Australia and UK, means that I understand leadership in the Church from a practical and a theological perspective.

An Aussie, I have spent almost 20 years in the UK where, together with my husband Rick, I founded Christian Growth International, a vibrant and growing network of churches, missions and projects. I have provided leadership and mentoring to hundreds of leaders in UK, USA, Uganda, Australia, France, Indonesia and Central Asian nations, through preaching and teaching at leadership conferences and in churches.”

Bev Murrill certainly has indeed assisted in developing some “interesting” leaders over the years. One of those most notable being Amanda Wells! One would have thought “30 years of church leadership” might have equipped Murrill to be able to spot a fake more easily than she obviously is able to.

Evidence suggests that Murrill and Wells have enjoyed a close friendship for many years and the Christian Growth International Organisation which Murrill founded was the springboard for Wells to infiltrate a great many churches in the United Kingdom.  Perhaps Murrill missed her true calling and might have been better equipped to act as an agent and promote stand up comedians into the local clubs and pubs of Great Britain.  We are about to take a closer look at this Christian Growth International and some of the rubbish that is being promoted in their churches. Discerning Christians will very quickly be able to judge for themselves just what damage this woman has inflicted on vulnerable people.

Murrill has received the following accolades from Amanda Wells over time.

Bev Murrill: “OH gosh…!!! We’re PEER mentors… you and me! I receive so much from you and am grateful you’re in my life!”

Bev Murrill cropped.png


Christian Growth International is responsible for so much damage done to vulnerable people and it is our hope that those attending these churches will look closely at what has been said to them  in the name of God. This is yet another network cleverly set up in order to give each of the “Pastors” access to each other’s churches on a self-promoting circuit. That anyone could have introduced Wells and others of her ilk into their churches without checking her credentials and bona fides is a disgrace. Or did they know they would bring someone who has been guilty of pathological lying and falsifying her life story into to preach to their vulnerable sheep and simply didn’t care? Murrill has some serious questions to answer!

Map .png

Amanda Wells address.png


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