Amanda’s NAR Ties


“For 2,000 years there has been a constant flow of fresh outpouring, but we are at the place in history where we will no longer have another outpouring, but rather a consummation of all He has poured out in the past millenniums. There will be an extraordinary demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit, as every move and every revival meets and creates a culmination like we have never seen previously. What will we call this move? The apostolic! We will sec the healing revival link up to the word of faith etc. and mantles upon mantles that men and women have walked in over the years, suddenly connect into the greatest outpouring ever. You, who are downcast, gird up your loins, have faith in God and run, declaring, “I hear the sound of an abundance of rain.”(Amanda Wells, “In My Father’s House” Pages 47-48)

Amanda Wells is strongly tied with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Below are resources that help explain what the NAR is and why it’s such a dangerous movement

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